Violin Accessories — What to Consider

O.K., so you’re wondering if you need to buy violin accessories. There is not much that you ABSOLUTELY need, but there are some violin supplies you may want to consider such as: violin shoulder rest, extra rosin, violin tuner, music stand or a metronome.

We can tell you what we have done to buy violin accessories and then you can decide what you need. The first item you may want to consider when you buy violin accessories is a music stand if you don’t already have one. The first accessory we purchased was a violin shoulder rest, but we waited a few months. In the beginning we just folded up a wash cloth and attached it with a rubber band to provide a quasi shoulder rest.

Another item you may want to consider when you go to buy violin accessories is a violin tuner. You can read about this here.

A metrome is really something you have to decide if you need. I think it depends on the student. Our daughter does not use a metronome, however as she advances, she may need one. You can choose between a classic metronome or an electronic metronome.